Ministry – “Antifa” Video

Al Jourgenson’s pioneering and long-running industrial project Ministry will return next year with the new album AmeriKKKant, their first album in five years. The album, which follows up 2013’s From Beer To Eternity, is an explicitly leftist and angry political statement. In a press release, Jourgenson says that the album “will provide FEMA-type relief for the devastation ‘Hurricane Cheeto’ has brought upon us.” First single “Antifa” is a seething, grinding stomp, and it positions itself as a straight-up anthem for the people who are confronting white supremacists at protests throughout America. Sample lyric: “We are the Antifa!” Also: “Antifa’s the shit!” The video chops up images from protests and riots, and it features Jourgenson in a ski mask. Check out the video and the AmeriKKKant tracklist below.

01 “I Know Words”
02 “Twilight Zone”
03 “Victims Of A Clown”
04 “TV5/4Chan”
05 “We’re Tired Of It”
06 “Wargasm”
07 “Antifa”
08 “Game Over”
09 “AmeriKKKa”

AmeriKKKant is out 3/9 on Nuclear Blast.

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