Jesse Marchant – “Frame For One”

We were impressed with Canadian folk-rocker Jesse Marchant’s 2014 track “Every Eye Open,” and now it’s time to check back in. Marchant announced his fourth album, Illusion Of Love, last month with lead single, “Sister, I.” The aerial shots are being traded for ocean imagery and sincere melancholy today as we premiere the project’s second single, “Frame For One.” Though candor was a new approach for Marchant in his songwriting, it would go on to inform the rest of his album:

The song began lyrically quite literal, which I prefer to stay away from, but I kept with it on the hunch that it would unfold into something wider, which in the end I believe it did. Writing it brought a clarity to me about several things, and it helped to form a path for the album, lyrically, since it was one that I wrote early on. It was alternately titled “A Crowd of Laughing People,” which was a line and image that stuck with me through much of the writing period.

Listen below.

Illusion Of Love tracklist:

01 “All These Kids I Never Knew”
02 “Heart Of Mine”
03 “Distance Is The Only Measure”
04 “Sister, I”
05 “6&5”
06 “I’ve Got Friends”
07 “In This Short Time”
08 “Frame For One”
09 “Burning Red”
10 “Nightships”
11 “Owl In The Dark”
12 “Illusion Of Love”

Illusion Of Love is out 1/26 via No Other. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Jen Steele