In Memoriam: Bands We Lost In 2017

We are well into listmas season which means it’s time to take a break from asking our favorite songwriters about fidget spinners so we can watch a sad video. This is the 10th annual Oscars-style montage of band breakups that I have put together with Matt Neatock, and no it has not gotten old: we love when bands break up and we love pivoting to video once a year. Of course these are not necessarily the acts we wanted to break up — *cough*Chainsmokers — but since when did anything in 2017 go our way? As always, before we get to the supercut, a moment of silence for all the music places (HMV Canada, Double Door, Cake Shop), events (Pemberton, Apple Music Festival, Karoondinha, aTrolla, Night + Day Iceland, UpNorth, Bridge School Benefit), websites (GhostTunes, Guvera, Thump,, and products/companies (iPod Nano and Shuffle, Jawbone, Load Records) that we said goodbye to this year. This compilation does not include bands that are probably over because a principal member was exposed as a sex monster.