Stream America’s Hardcore Volume 4 Compilation

We’re currently living through a very good time for DIY hardcore — partly because there are a lot of great bands out there and partly because resources like Bandcamp make it a whole lot easier for the uninitiated to find those bands. Since 2010, the Boston label Triple B has been collecting music from some of the best of those bands in its recurring compilation series America’s Hardcore. The last volume came out in 2014, and it featured bands like Turnstile, Fury, Mammoth Grinder, Self Defense Family, and Unified Right. The label just released the latest edition, and this time around, it features songs from Trapped Under Ice, Primal Rite, Praise, Krimewatch, Free, the sadly broken-up Pure Disgust, and many others. Check out the whole thing below.

America’s Hardcore Volume 4 is out now on Triple B.