The Spook School – “Someone To Spend Christmas With”

The Spook School – “Someone To Spend Christmas With”

The Spook School are releasing a new album, Could It Be Different?, next month — they’ve shared “Less Than Perfect” and “Still Alive” from it already — but the Glasgow four-piece are taking a brief break from the traditional album rollout to put out a holiday-themed single called “Someone To Spend Christmas With.” And while it’s ostensibly about the holidays, it’s more about the complicated and messy relationship anxieties that this time of year can dredge up.

“This is a song about figuring out how you want to conduct your own relationships when it feels like the world is full of conflicting advice about the ‘best’ way to do it, whether that be monogamy, polyamory, or something else entirely,” bassist Anna Corey explained in a statement. “The refrain relates to the ideal of having one important person in your life with whom you’ll always spend your special occasions. Merry Christmas from The Spook School.”

Listen below.

“Someone To Spend Christmas With” is out now. The band are also selling a “sexy” 2018 calendar featuring their drummer Niall McCamley.

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