Watch Haim Sing About Hanukkah

Today is the first night of Hanukkah, which I totally didn’t realize until this very second because I am a bad Jew. The Haim sisters, on the other hand, are apparently much better Jews. Not only are they celebrating Hanukkah — or, as they’re calling it, “Haimukkah” — but they also wrote an original Hanukkah song to help them do it. The goofy song features Este Haim singing about various Hanukkah-related things: “My courageous Maccabee/ Pick me up when I’m down/ Spin my dreidel around/ Shred me like a potato latke/ You be the Manischewitz and I’ll be the vodka/ Like a page out of the Torah/ You light me up like I’m a Menorah.” Watch below.

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