Massive Attack Rip Pete Tong For Murdering Their Song On His Nostalgia Nightmare Roadshow

Right now, the veteran BBC Radio 1 host Pete Tong is hitting big venues with his Nostalgia Nightmare Roadshow tour. At his shows, Tong, with a huge orchestra and singer Jules Buckley with him, covers classic dance-music tracks from people like Moby, Fatboy Slim, and Daft Punk. At some of those shows, he’s also done a version of Massive Attack’s searching, emotive 1991 epic “Unfinished Sympathy.” Here’s a fan-made video:

But the members of Massive Attack aren’t especially happy about it. In a post on their Facebook, Massive Attack member 3D writes that Tong never asked permission to use the song. He also tells Tong that he should donate a portion of the proceeds from those shows — Massive Attack’s portion, specifically — to charity. Here’s what 3D has written:

Dear Pete Tong

Thanks for covering one of our songs on your nostalgia nightmare roadshow.

I don’t recollect you getting in touch to see if we would mind, but for your information:

When we play that song we display photos of displaced people in refugee camps by the photographer Giles Duley on the screen to raise awareness for their plight and collect money for UNHCR.

If you do mean to carry on coining it, why don’t you divide your nightly profit by the number of songs you murder in your set, and hand the total of that one song over to UNHCR..

It would be the least you could do.