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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

The best music-related video of the week was obviously the 10-minute Black Thought freestyle that realigned the planets of the solar system and brought the dinosaurs back to life. But there were some actual music videos this week, too, and some of them were good. This week’s picks are below.

5. Björk – “Utopia” (Dir. Warren Du Preez & Nick Thornton Jones)

You could argue that every one of these new Björk videos is just Björk sort of dancing around an alien planet and wearing weird masks. Or you could say: Hey! It’s Björk! Just sort of dancing around an alien planet! And wearing weird masks!

4. Joji – “Demons” (Dir. Jared Hogan)

Sometimes, every one of us feels a little like a fuzzy monster with a human head and too-long arms, dancing extremely slowly at the bottom of an empty, dramatically-lit indoor swimming pool. This video is for those moments.

3. Jason Derulo – “Tip Toe” (Feat. French Montana) (Dir. Jason Derulo)

Look, I’m sorry, but I get immense levels of pleasure out of the vision of Jason Derulo dancing through a fake jungle while surrounded by sexy tiger ladies.

2. Vagabon – “Cold Apartment” (Dir. Faye Orlove)

I love the granular specificity and the underground-comics simplicity of this: Just a few objects that make you think about someone else, about something that’s not going on any longer.

1. Brockhampton – “Boogie” (Dir. Kevin Abstract)

Eventually, these kids are going to have to find another trick. They can’t just throw on Blue Man Group makeup and bounce around convenience stores forever. But for now, the energy remains absolutely infectious. Just the sight of Joba in the freezer is an absolute delight.