This Guy Stole 53 Phones In A Royal Blood Mosh Pit And Hid Them In His Swimsuit

Last month, while the British rock band Royal Blood were playing a show in Birmingham’s Arena Birmingham, a master went to work. According to West Midlands Police, a 22-year-old Romanian man named Alin Marin managed to pickpocket 53 cell phones from fans in the mosh pit. He then hid the phones in a giant full-length swimsuit that he wore under his clothes, and then he dumped the phones in a nearby parking lot.

West Midlands Police caught Marin because they’d already had a covert sting operation underway. After pickpockets targeted fans at another Royal Blood show earlier in the year, undercover police joined the crowd at the Birmingham show, and they arrested Marin shortly after he left the show.

Birmingham Police Sergeant Julia Slate had this to say:

This was organised pickpocketing… Marin went equipped to steal phones and took advantage of revellers enjoying themselves in the standing area.

Many of the phones were taken from front jeans pockets, which people believe is a safer place to carry valuables, but due to the jostling in the mosh pit they simply didn’t realise they’d been targeted.

He slipped phones inside the swimsuit and effectively turned himself into a deposit box for the phones, allowing him to carry tens of phones concealed around his body.

Marin has been jailed for three years. But honestly, if this guy is that good at picking pockets, I think we should set him free and let him keep the phones. True greatness should only be encouraged.

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