Marching Church – “Christmas On Earth” Video (Dir. Sky Ferreira)

At the beginning of December, Iceage frontman Elias Bender Rønnenfelt returned with his side project Marching Church to give us “Christmas On Earth.” A shambling, drunken lament of a thing, it’s in the lineage of grittier Christmas songs like the Pogues’ classic “Fairytale Of New York.” Of course, Rønnenfelt took it a few shades of darker, considering that “Christmas On Earth” is a tale of parental kidnapping. Happy holidays, and all that.

Now, there’s a video to go with the song, directed by none other than Sky Ferreira. Produced by the FADER, the video premiered today along with an interview with Ferreira about her taking a step behind the camera to craft the video. At the end of the interview Ferreira claims she’ll be releasing new music in the first quarter of next year. Let’s hope that’s true, given that Night Time, My Time is still one of the best albums of this decade. Maybe there’s a chance things will look up in 2018 after all!

Rather than hew too closely to the song’s actual narrative, the clip for “Christmas On Earth” follows Rønnenfelt stumbling around Christmas tableaus in LA, channeling all that brooding, wasted European charisma he’s prone to channel. Check it out below.