Teen Suicide Officially Change Name To American Pleasure Club, Release New Mini-Album

The ambitious and prolific Sam Ray-led project (now formerly) known as Teen Suicide has been saddled with that terrible name for a long while, and finally, after many years of promising to change it, they’ve officially done it. They will now be known as American Pleasure Club, a name that they’ve used sporadically throughout the years, most recently on a series of songs posted on Tumblr over the last couple months. To accompany the name change, the band has released a new mini-album called I Blew On A Dandelion And The Whole World Disappeared, which will be available to order on tape for the next week. You can stream the new release below.

Here’s a message from the band via a Facebook post:

hello! our new mini album is up here. you can order tapes for it until new years, so don’t miss out if you want one. they are made to order. the album is also on our “teen suicide” bandcamp and the “joy void” bandcamp, but this is our new spot our new name & our new everything, so check it out & listen/download/etc. pay what you want / it’s free if you want it to be, but share it if you’re able & willing. thank you talk more about it soon.

Last week, Ray also released a collection of unfinished and unreleased tracks under his Ricky Eat Acid moniker. You can also listen to that here:

Both projects are scheduled to release new material in 2018.