Stream Booji Boys Weekend Rocker

Stream Booji Boys Weekend Rocker

Booji Boys are a Halifax punk band named after a Devo reference, and they’ve spent 2017 absolutely cranking out new music: A self-titled debut album in February, an EP in July, a random Gang Green cover last month. And yesterday, on Christmas, they released another full-length album. Weekend Rocker, which the band recorded over the summer, is a total melodic rush, its power-pop hooks bouncing off of its minimal lo-fi production and its no-bullshit presentation. Booji Boys don’t sound like a DIY hardcore band. Instead, they’ve got some of the old-school swagger of, say, Swingin’ Utters, and they’ve got tunes to match. Stream Weekend Rocker below.

Weekend Rocker is out now on Drunken Sailor Records, and you can name your price for it at Bandcamp.

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