Revocation Drummer Accepts $30k Settlement From Oklahoma City For Arm Broken During Arrest

Back in 2014, Phil Dubois-Coyne, then the drummer for the old-school death metal band Revocation, was arrested in Oklahoma City. At an afterparty for Mayhem Fest, a drunk Dubois-Coyne saw police arrest someone else and chanted “fuck the police” and, later, “kill the police.” (According to his lawyers, Dubois-Coyne was singing Body Count’s “Cop Killer.”) Police slammed Dubois-Coyne on the ground while arresting him, breaking his arm. And now NewsOK reports that a judge has awarded Dubois-Coyne a $30,000 settlement after he sued the city and three police officers, alleging false arrest and excessive force.

After having his arm broken, Dubois-Coyne spent 12 hours in jail, was treated in a hospital, and was charged with public drunkenness, disorderly conduct, and resisting a police officer. Dubois-Coyne pleaded no contest on the public drunkenness charge, paying a $178 fine. The other charges were dismissed.

Dubois-Coyne left Revocation in 2015, and he’s currently working as a drum tech for Cannibal Corpse. His lawyer Holly Heston says, “He’s still playing. He had a little bit of deformity to his arm after all this. He has the option of surgery but his doctors have told him that by correcting it he could end up with nerve damage. He’s relearning how to play with his situation now.”