Watch Julien Baker’s Heart-Swelling “Turn Out The Lights” Performance On Colbert

Do you still get it? I still get it. Whenever I listen to “Turn Out The Lights,” the title track from Julien Baker’s astonishing second album, I get that “oh fuck, here it comes” rush when she builds up to the song’s shattering climax. When she plays it live, you feel it even more. And when she plays the song live on late-night TV, on probably the biggest platform she’s ever had, you might feel it most of all. Last night, Baker was the musical guest on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show. She stood alone on the stage, using guitar pedals to make it sound like she had an orchestra behind her, and when she built up to that all-consuming crashing ending, she absolutely threw herself into it. I’m not even fucking with you here: I misted up a little bit watching it. This performance is so good, and you can watch it below.

Turn Out The Lights is out now on Matador. Read our cover story on Baker here.