Ed Sheeran’s Simpsons Guest Spot Was A La La Land Parody

A year ago, La La Land won more Golden Globes than any movie ever. Really! That really happened! And last night, on Golden Globes night, Fox went into counter-programming mode, enlisting mysteriously dominant pop star Ed Sheeran to guest on an episode of The Simpsons that parodied La La Land. The episode, entitled “Haw Haw Land” opens with a big “Another Springfield Day” musical number and then goes into a plot where Sheeran is the Ryan Gosling character and Lisa is Emma Stone. Nelson Muntz gets involved in a love triangle, and there’s a B-plot about Bart at a STEM conference. It’s still going! 29 seasons! If you really feel like you need to watch the episode, you can do that here. There’s also a preview video you can watch below.

You may recall that Sheeran also did a wildly unpopular cameo on Game Of Thrones and once guested on FX’s short-lived The Bastard Executioner.