Dozens Arrested For Drug Possession Boarding Holy Ship!

New York-based DJ and producer Gina Turner was among more than two dozen people arrested for drug possession while boarding Holy Ship! music festival Saturday afternoon (1/6). She was scheduled to perform on the four-day cruise festival, as well as the 11th sailing scheduled to embark from Port Canaveral, Fla., Wednesday, 1/10.

Turner, 34, is a regular on Holy Ship. Fans on board look forward to her sets and annual yoga classes. She was arrested on three felony charges, including one count of cocaine possession and two counts of possession of a controlled substance without a prescription. She was taken to Brevard County Jail with a bail set at $3,500. She denied the charges in an address to fans via Twitter, claiming that she only carried marijuana, for which she has a medical card, and that the other charges were for false test readings on natural vitamins.

Noted scene videographer Glen Han, aka Glenjamn, was also arrested on a felony charge of possession of a controlled substance without a prescription and a misdemeanor charge of drug paraphernalia possession. His bail was set at $3,500.

Gina promised to return to Holy Ship 11 in a now-deleted tweet. See an extensive list of those arrested via local news outlet Brevard Times.

This article originally appeared on Billboard.

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