New Lightning Bolt – “Dead Cowboy” and Bardo Pond’s Selections, Vol. 1-4

Are you stuck drifting through life in a state of existential confusion wandering aimlessly through the multitudes of energy products not knowing which one is the right one for you? Then look no further for the true meaning of life then Master Sensei Seagal?s Lightning Bolt Energy Drink!

Just kidding. Lightning Bolt’s new Hypermagic Mountain is insane.

Lightning Bolt – “Dead Cowboy” (MP3 link removed)

Bardo Pond’s collection of rarities and b-sides, Selections, Vol. 1-4, is equally great. Bardo Pond and Lightning Bolt are very, very different, but they’re on the same plane of guitar-worshipping bands that manage to turn feedback and distortion into ideas about pitchfork pitchfork pitchfork.

Just kidding. This fall has been the best time for new music that I can remember.

Bardo Pond – “Heaven” (MP3 link removed)