Jordan Lomeli – “With You”

Love songs are changing; more and more often, we’re hearing music about putting oneself first. It’s what LA-based singer/songwriter Jordan Lomeli sings about in her debut single “With You.” “What are we to do and where are we going/ I got lots to do and I’m not slowing down for you,” she sings at the hook. Lomeli fuses her classical roots and cello background with the current R&B stylings of artists like SZA and Kehlani, placing her in good company with other empowering musicians. About the single, Lomeli writes:

“With You” is about true self-discovery, which is what led me to be able to write these lyrics. Once I re-learned how to love myself, I decided no one would deter me from achieving my goals and my dreams, no matter the circumstance. You have to love yourself to be able to recognize that you’re not in a relationship that isn’t helping you thrive, but actually hurting you.

Listen below.

CREDIT: Perla Diaz

“With You” is the first out of a series of singles Lomeli will release this year.