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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

Here’s the thing about Justin Timberlake’s “Supplies” video: It’s fucking hilarious. The little kid telling us to die? The guy with the collar made out of guns? The wall of TV screens, all of them showing vague bad things, being shorted out by the mere presence of Timberlake? It’s the clumsiest possible attempt to depict Timberlake as some sort of woke messiah. It’s awful, and I sort of love it. I don’t love it enough to put it on this week’s list, though. This week’s picks are below.

5. Dupa Lipa – “IDGAF” (Dir. Henry Scholfield)

It’s probably a simple visual-effects trick, but I’m the rube who’s still utterly dazzled by the imagine of one person interacting with her exact doppelgänger. And even if the effect is a perfectly normal one, the timing of making it look like these people are all dancing together couldn’t have been easy.

4. Prawn – “Rooftops” (Dir. Mike Maroney)

If you’ve got a limited budget for your music video, you’re not going to come up with a better concept than “dog party.” A better concept simply does not exist.

3. Beck – “Fix Me” (Dir. Brook Linder)

Beck, a music-video legend who has sold millions, can presumably command a much bigger budget than Prawn. He spent his on dogs and a baby. Good call.

2. Taylor Swift – “End Game” (Feat. Future & Ed Sheeran) (Dir. Joseph Kahn)

Invent and build a time machine. Go back six years. Hell, go back six months. Tell your old self that you will one day behold the vision of Taylor Swift and Future posing on the deck of a yacht together in a music video. Then reassure yourself that it really did happen. Because it really did happen.

1. Sylvan Esso – “PARAD(w/m)E” (Dir. Dan Huiting)

If more indie types were willing to put choreography in their music videos, maybe indie videos wouldn’t suck so much.