Robert Pollard Is Releasing A Parody Country Album Named Blue Balls Lincoln

Guided By Voices’ Robert Pollard releases approximately one million albums every year, and his latest is not a conventional one by any means. He’s adopted a parodic country music alter ego named Cash Rivers — who he first unveiled on a 7″ last year — and will be releasing an album called Blue Balls Lincoln under the name Cash Rivers & the Sinners. “I don’t know this Cash Rivers, but he’s ridiculous and obviously out of his mind, so is whoever is working with him,” Pollard said jokingly in a statement. The album’s first single, “Goddamn Lookit My Phone Got Wet,” is just Pollard repeating the title’s phrase over and over and over again. Listen to it via Pitchfork below.

Blue Balls Lincoln is available to pre-order via Pollard’s own Rockathon Records, though no exact release date has been set. A more traditional Guided By Voices album is due out in March.