Cardi B Defends Offset’s Homophobic Lyric: “Our Schools Never Teach Us That These Are Bad Words”

Migos’ Offset got himself into hot water this week for rapping “I do not vibe with queers” on his guest verse on YFN Lucci’s “Boss Life.” Obviously, that seems pretty clearly homophobic — something that Migos don’t have a great track record with to begin with — but Offset insisted that he was talking about “lame people who film you, post it and stalk you,” not actual gay people, and that he’s into fashion so he can’t be homophobic anyway.

Although Cardi B and Offset, who got engaged last year, have reportedly been having some trouble in paradise, Pitchfork reports that Cardi still leapt to his defense while streaming on Twitter Live last night. “I haven’t even been talking to this guy like that, and that’s just ’cause personal problems, but I’m not going to let somebody call him ‘homophobic’ when I know that he’s not,” she said. “And I’m saying this because I seen him around these people, around gays, and he treats them with the same respect he treats everybody. He never acts uncomfortable and he just don’t care.”

She also reiterated that Offset didn’t even know that the word “queer” was used to refer to LGBT people. “It has a different vocabulary on the dictionary,” she said. “Now, that’s a word that you guys say that it’s a bad word for gays — I never even heard that word in the first place. Why don’t y’all educate people about it? A lot of people are not aware about what’s wrong or right in the LGBT community. Why don’t we do things to educate instead of bashing and trying to label somebody that they not? … Our schools never teach us that these are bad words.”

No, Cardi!

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