Kings Of Leon’s Only By The Night Album Art

Judging from the comments on Kings Of Leon’s “Sex On Fire” video, it’s clear some of you think the Followill boys, their carefully coiffed hair, good Southern gene, are themselves works of art. Well, Leon lovers, now you can get a look at the image that bedecks the band’s forthcoming fourth album Only By the Night. Because KoL are more popular in Europe than at home, the US of A gets its own design, though both covers involve feathers.

American Version:

UK Version:

The lesson? In the States, it’s more marketable to depict birds of prey fighting amongst themselves than to take the time to do a Kings Of Leon face/bird hybrid because nobody will recognize the band anyhow.

Only By The Night is out 9/22 in the UK and 9/23 in the States via RCA.