Checking In With Cryptocurrency-Themed J-Pop Group Virtual Currency Girls

A few weeks ago, we learned of the strange existence of Virtual Currency Girls, a Japanese pop-idol group themed entirely around the idea of cryptocurrency. Each the different members of the group is supposed to represent a different form of cryptocurrency. They all wear French maid dresses and lucha libre masks, and nothing makes any sense anywhere in the world. And today, we learn that the members of the group remain true believers in the idea of cryptocurrency even though a massive online heist is threatening their ability to get paid.

Part of the deal with Virtual Currency Girls is that fans will only be able to buy concert tickets and merch using Bitcoin, and Bitcoin is also how the members’ salaries are paid. But Reuters reports that, on Friday, a huge $530 million cyber heist led Tokyo’s Coincheck exchange to freeze a number of cryptocurrency accounts, and one of those accounts was the one that pays the salary of the members of Virtual Currency Girls. But according to Reuters, the Virtual Currency Girls have refused an offer to be paid in yen. They will continue to exist only in the realm of this shadowy, internet-based monetary form.

It’s good to see people sticking to their principles in this topsy-turvy world.