The Streets – “If You Ever Need To Talk I’m Here”

UK quasi-rapper Mike Skinner, who recorded as the Streets, was one of the most exciting artists in the world back in the early ’00s. But Skinner hasn’t released an album as the Streets since 2011’s Computers And Blues, and the other projects he’s launched since then haven’t really panned out. But last month, Skinner revived the Streets name and released two new songs, “Burn Bridges” and “Sometimes I Hate My Enemies More Than My Friends.” Today, he’s got a new one called “If You Ever Need To Talk I’m Here,” and it’s a thoughtful and observational jam that, as with past Skinner jams, blurs lines between rap and grime and dance and spoken-word. Check it out below.

The self-released track is out now at iTunes, and Skinner’s got a UK tour coming up.

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