Stream Palm Rock Island

We’ve been excited about the Philly-based art-rock group Palm for a while now, naming them a Band To Watch and Best New Band in 2015. Back then, their nervy, twisting compositions were already very impressive for a young band, and they’ve taken it even further for their upcoming sophomore album Rock Island.

As the initial previews “Pearly,” “Dog Milk,” and “Composite” suggested, the distinguishing characteristic of Rock Island is the bizarre, distinctive guitar sound the band is exploring, these effervescently bright and off-kilter parts that sound like, I don’t know, a technicolor video game dream world or, fittingly, like island life. It makes a lot of the songs catchy in a sugar overload kind of way, even when they sound on the verge of breaking down completely. The album isn’t out until next week, but you can check out the whole thing for yourself now over at NPR.

Rock Island is out 2/9 via Carpark.

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