Car Seat Headrest – “My Boy (Twin Fantasy)”

Car Seat Headrest – “My Boy (Twin Fantasy)”

Car Seat Headrest is almost ready to release the re-recorded, re-imagined version of his 2011 album Twin Fantasy, and we’ve already heard his new versions of “Beach Life-In-Death,” “Nervous Young Inhumans,” and “Cute Thing.” The latest track to be reworked is the album’s opener, “My Boy,” and pardon the repetition, but boy, oh boy does it sound better.

Will Toledo has graduated his project from the lowest of lo-fi and stepped a few inches away from the mic this time around. The lyrics are clear, and bless him, his falsetto sounds delicate and refined. And I never thought I’d say this, but the distorted guitar break is actually kind of pretty and allows the climax of the song to reach a new height. I don’t think Toledo’s hi-fi revamp will replace the lasting effects the album’s first release had on listeners, nor do I think it will affect his reputation as a lo-fi artist. Toledo keeps all the charm of these 2011 tracks and does them a little more justice. Check it out below.

Twin Fantasy is out 2/16 on Matador. Pre-order it here.

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