Watch Will Smith’s Shot-For-Shot Remake Of Jaden Smith’s “Icon” Video

It will never stop being weird that Jaden Smith, our preeminent rich-kid rap weirdo, is the spawn of Will Smith, one of the most effervescently charming and accessible rap stars of the late ’80s. Will Smith is new to Instagram, but he’s apparently already mastered the art of the viral stunt. Last year, Jaden released his SYRE album and shared a striking video for his song “Icon.” And to congratulate his son for hitting 100 million Spotify streams, Will has shared his own version of the “Icon” video, as Pitchfork points out. Will Smith committed enough to the role that he bleached his hair and wore fronts, but not so much that he changed out of his pajamas. The best part, of course, would be when his fronts fall out of his mouth. Watch Will Smith’s version, as well as the original “Icon” video, below.

So how embarrassed do you think Jaden is?