Watch The Breeders’ Kim Deal Cover Michael Nesmith In Steve Albini’s Studio

Next month, ’90s alt-rock greats the Breeders are coming back with All Nerve, their first album in 10 years and their first with their classic lineup since 1993’s Last Splash. Late last year, the band more or less announced their creative resuscitation with the new single “Wait In The Car.” At their live shows, they sold a few different 7″ versions of that single, and one of those singles featured a cover of “Joanne,” a lush 1970 folk-rock single from Michael Nesmith. (Nesmith was a former member of the Monkees, and “Joanne” was his only solo single that reached the top 40.) The Breeders have now shared a live-in-studio video of frontwoman Kim Deal playing a live-in-studio version of “Joanne” at Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio, the Chicago studio where the Breeders recorded some of All Nerve. It’s cool to see Deal singing one of the songs that she must’ve grown up with, and it’s almost certainly the only time anyone has ever sung this particular song in this particular studio. Watch the video below.

All Nerve is out 3/2 on 4AD.