Justin Timberlake, Selfie Kid Plan Sophomore Selfie

This past Sunday, Justin Timberlake played the Super Bowl halftime show, and the only part of the show that anyone really remembers is when Timberlake sang, in the stands, next to a little kid who couldn’t stop messing with his phone. This led to a lot of really good memes and to a few charming quotes from the kid, Boston-area 13-year-old Ryan McKenna, who couldn’t believe that he was suddenly getting all this attention.

Today, McKenna appeared on Ellen, where he explained that the iPhone 6 is slow (which is totally true) and that it was taking him a while to pull up the camera app. Ellen DeGeneres surprised McKenna, who seems like a totally sweet kid, with a phone call from Timberlake, who invited McKenna and his family to his Boston show. McKenna reacted in exactly the way you might hope a kid would react in this situation, which was to go nuts and start crying. And Timberlake said, “I look forward to our second selfie together.” The world is already anticipating that more than Man In The Woods. Here’s the segment:

This was all very charming, but this kid wore a Patriots jersey on TV, so fuck this kid.