In The Blogs Today

Gorilla Vs. Bear has posted Sufjan Steven’s contribution to the Jeff/Tim Buckley tribute album Dream Brother. Sufjan covers Tim Buckley’s song “She Is.”

In related Sufjan news, Largehearted Boy linked to this short interview with everyone’s favorite Christian songwriter.

Music For Robots posted the song “Bloody Stumps” by Fitzgerald. It reminds me of the second-wave Elephant 6 band The Essex Green, but also a little of the cult/bargain bin Icelandic band Whale, if only for the interplay of the two singers.

You Ain’t No Picasso is all into Mason Proper today. They have two songs on their website for download, but I think the song they have at PureVolume is better (links via You Ain’t No Picasso).

Mason Proper – “Life’s Cornucopia” (MP3)
Mason Proper – “Lights Off” (MP3)