Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

This week left us with many important questions. Is it still a Smashing Pumpkins reunion without D’arcy? Will we ever get a new Grimes album? Is Sir Elton ok? Can I take a 9-year-old to Black Panther? Ponder those while you check out this week’s best and worst comments below.


#10  blochead
Score:37 | Feb 12th

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#9  El Gummo
Score:40 | Feb 9th

Time to announce it to my Stereogum family: Baby Gummo arrives September 2018.

Guaranteed BOTY.

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#8  dansolo
Score:40 | Feb 14th

25 is a fairly modest score for such a legendary comment

Genius is rarely acknowledged in its time

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#7  arglebargle
Score:49 | Feb 14th


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#6  monkeyridinghorse
Score:50 | Feb 12th

Blochead’s totally skewing those results though, take him out of the equation and I bet the average drops to, like 26 or something.

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#5  blochead
Score:51 | Feb 12th

Again, the two rules of music listening:

#1 When was all the best music made?
“When I was 13-23 years old”
#2 When did all the new music start to suck?
“Approximately 1 year after I stopped listening to any new music”

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#4  billypilgrim
Score:56 | Feb 9th

This is the first album that I listened to with my mom when she realized that my musical taste was advancing to a place she was not interested in hearing.

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#3  MagicSpoon
Score:56 | Feb 9th

That image embed did not work as expected.

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#2  Jeff Buc-lee
Score:56 | Feb 12th

Yeah, well, Jack White looks like he needs an actual injection of blood.

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#5  Hip Priest
Score:-26 | Feb 13th

Great article.

What do we all think on the other site’s 1998 list?

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#4  DJ_Windows_98
Score:-27 | Feb 14th

I despise this on every level, in the same way as literal playlist cum album Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 or that motherfucking Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. Corporate influence from the mainstream film industry, no matter how hidden, will always infuriate me. It’s the reason I swapped out “When It Started” for “New York City Cops” on Is This It, because the former is from the original Spider-Man soundtrack.

All that said, I’m completely on board with Kendrick Lamar doing something low stakes. The amount of hype he gets puts him on a pedestal so high not even he, the best rapper of our generation by a country mile, should have to suffer from standing on it. No artist deserves that, as the slightest misstep can suddenly become their instant downfall. If anything, I’m just glad he’s found a way to take some weight off his shoulders while still being able to create music. That said, I’d be more than happy to go out in public and hear a song of his from any album other than DAMN., as its become way overdone at this point. I just want the jazz-rap back.

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Caps Hammer Caps
Score:-30 | Feb 9th

So, you are unwilling to steal others art to dignify me. Sounds about right

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Caps Hammer Caps
Score:-37 | Feb 9th

“Bitch” you even keeled little sucker you. Just shows how bad indie fans will latch on to anything to disprove a valid point. Bitch indeed

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Caps Hammer Caps
Score:-40 | Feb 9th

Eh. Really. Fuck man. Combine a less inspiring Flop with insert synth pop band no one cares about and you get this. Really? After all this time I’m really shocked they were a two hit wonder. Give me some pills to erase what I just listened to Bill Cosby

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