Sorry – “2 Down 2 Dance” Video

Sorry – “2 Down 2 Dance” Video

The metamorphosing UK band Sorry are amassing an impressive little collection of songs for themselves between last year’s “Wished” b/w “Lies” 7″ and their stitched-together mixtape of home demos. Today, the four-piece — which is centered around the interplay between childhood friends Asha Lorenz & Louis O’Bryen, and rounded out by drummer Lincoln Barrett and bassist Campbell Baum — are sharing their latest song, “2 Down 2 Dance,” which will be included on a 7″ that’s out next month.

Their newest track is mostly a spotlight for Lorenz, who’s down in the dumps and in the throes of an unhealthy relationship. “These are nights to stay in and and cry and cary and curl up tight,” she sings. “Constantly you take everything you want from me/ You can never do anything wrong to me/ But you have never been too good to me, too good for me,” she expels in a thorny bit of wordplay. The song starts off smoky and sparse, but becomes springier as it goes along, and by song’s end all its moving parts coalesce into a satisfying collision of noise to match the inner turmoil that Lorenz finds herself in.

“2 Down 2 Dance” comes attached to a video, co-directed by Lorenz and Flo Webb, that kicks off with washed-out footage of ballerinas that becomes more distorted and feverish as the track picks up pace. Watch and listen below.

“2 Down 2 Dance” b/w “Harmless” is out 3/23 via Domino.

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