Alexis Taylor – “Beautiful Thing” Video

Over the years, Hot Chip co-leader Alexis Taylor has kept busy outside the bounds of his band, releasing a few solo albums and side projects. This spring, he’ll release a new solo album called Beautiful Thing, and it marks the first time he’s teamed up with an outside producer. The producer in question is DFA Records co-founder Tim Goldsworthy, a man who hasn’t been making too much music lately. The album’s first single is also its title track, and it’s a skittery synthpop jam with a house-music sense of propulsion. In director Edwin Burdis’ video, Taylor plays piano while a woman convulsively pop-locks down rain-slick British lanes. Watch the video and check out the album’s tracklist below.

01 “Dreaming Another Life”
02 “Beautiful Thing”
03 “Deep Cut”
04 “Roll On Blank Tapes”
05 “Suspicious Of Me”
06 “A Hit Song”
07 “Oh Baby”
08 “There’s Nothing To Hide”
09 “I Feel You”
10 “Out Of Time”

Beautiful Thing is out 4/20 on Domino.