Stream Hurry Every Little Thought

Philly-based trio Hurry released their last full-length album, Guided Meditation, back in 2016. Today they share the follow-up, Every Little Thought, along with a video of the three listening along. The record sits somewhere between indie-pop and emo, joining sunny melodies with lazy, longing vocals. Surf-rock sounds warm Matt Scottoline’s sugary introspection on the title track. The accompanying video is a little awkward — the group sits in front of a banner that reads, “EVERY LITTLE THOUGHT, Hurry, ‘world premiere’,” tapping away on their phones, presumably interacting with fans, as the record plays. But the dreamy play-through is worth the momentary cringe. Listen below.

Every Little Thought is out 2/23 via Lame-O Records. Pre-order it physically and digitally.

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