The Men – “Killed Someone”

Brooklyn’s shape-shifting rock outfit the Men are gearing up to release their new album Drift next week. So far, the songs we’ve heard have suggested a diverse collection that offers a little bit from each corner of the Men’s identity. Its foreboding opener “Maybe I’m Crazy” is all eerie post-punk, and the band followed that with the dusty road song “Rose On Top Of The World.” Now the Men have unveiled another one, “Killed Someone.”

As you might guess from the disparity in the tone of their names, “Killed Someone” is a pretty different composition from its predecessor. This one finds the Men in full-on, wild-eyed punk rager mode. For the entirety of its two and a half minutes, “Killed Someone” rushes forward at a breakneck pace, sheets of distortion coating the guitars and vocals alike, until call-and-response yelps give way to the song’s outro. Check it out below.

Drift is out 3/2 on Sacred Bones. Pre-order it here.

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