Kirin J Callinan Pleads Guilty In Indecent Exposure Charge, Avoids Conviction

Last November, the Australian musician Kirin J Callinan wore a kilt on the red carpet of Australia’s Aria Awards. He reportedly raised the kilt to flash press and photographers. Soon after, he was removed from the lineup of Australia’s traveling Laneway Festival, and he was charged with willful and obscene exposure in a public place. But Callinan will not face conviction for that charge, which could’ve led to a six-month prison sentence or a fine of $1,100.

As Pitchfork points out, The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Callinan pleaded guilty to the charge in a Sydney court. But rather than handing him a conviction, Sydney magistrate Chris O’Brien placed Callinan on a 12-month good behavior bond.

“It is still not clear to me why you did it,” O’Brien told Callinan. “It seems to me you have suffered some reputational damage.” He also told Callinan, “I am satisfied it was a mischievous manner. You were egged on, I accept that.”

Callinan’s lawyer argued that there was no “premeditation at all” behind Callinan’s action. He also argued said, “Some amongst the media group… suggested [Callinan] ‘flip his kilt’, so he did… He did it as an error of judgment, he did it in a jovial mood. He did not do it to shock anybody.”

Crowded house and Split Enz frontman Neil Finn, serving as a character witness for Callinan, testified that Callinan had a taste for “mischievousness and exhibitionism.”