Let’s Eat Grandma – “HOT PINK” Video

Back in 2016, the British avant-pop duo Let’s Eat Grandma — made up of Jenny Hollingworth and Rosa Walton, then just 17 years old — released their debut I, Gemini. It was a striking and hauntingly whimsical collection of songs that veered off in all sorts of unpredictable directions, from gleaming pop to pastoral folk to psychedelic rabbitholes. We were impressed enough to include the group on our Best New Bands Of 2016 list, and ever since we’ve been curious to see what the young, adventurous songwriters might come up with next.

After going quiet for a spell, Let’s Eat Grandma recently returned with a new single called “HOT PINK.” Produced by SOPHIE and the Horrors’ Faris Badwan, it found Hollingworth and Walton going all-in on their pop inclinations, but it’s of course still an off-kilter and warped vision of anything resembling the mainstream. The track balanced airy verses with clattering SOPHIE-isms, synth and beat invasions that sound like a robot sputtering to life, letting the duo jump into a brash, Charli XCX-style chorus.

Today, Let’s Eat Grandma have shared the new accompanying video for “HOT PINK.” Directed by Balan Evans, the video begins — like a lot of Let’s Eat Grandma songs — as a bit of a feint, coming across as more straightforward before upending itself. It’s all gorgeous nighttime cityscapes and Hollingworth and Walton running through the streets for a while, but as soon as the song contorts itself into the chorus, the video starts to melt those same stark, luminescent building faces into abstractions. Then there’s a whole other strain going on featuring the band members and other people staring into a hot pink glow emanating from their electronic devices and having their faces subsequently bleed and blur into pink glows themselves. Check it out below.