Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

We posted a lot of thrilling content today, but did you know that sometimes we choose not to post something? Here are some items that didn’t make the cut today: Fall Out Boy covered “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)”; Thom Yorke is teasing something OR he is just tweeting weird tweets; Kidz Bop cover EMF, Lisa Loeb, and other pop artists from their parents’ childhood; Lorde says she is not dating Jack Antonoff.


#10  Ronald
Score:40 | Feb 19th

Why you gotta put Jessica Rabbit on blast like that?

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#9  James Rettig
Score:40 | Feb 16th

It’s literally a disservice to humanity that they are not on here.

Sadly, I am the only one in #beachhousehive on staff. I’m sure I’ll be writing something about them soon enough, though ;)

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#8  California
Score:46 | Feb 19th

Stereogum covering the NBA makes me painfully aware that I only have two conversation topics at parties.

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#7  El Gummo
Score:47 | Feb 16th

Merriweather Post President

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#6  blochead
Score:47 | Feb 16th

It’s 2018. You went to a Marilyn Manson show.

Struggling to find empathy over here

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#5  blochead
Score:51 | Feb 18th

Let’s put our snark guns away. That’s pretty neat and every last one of us would lose our shit if we were there to see that. Win, you still cool

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#4  padfoot24
Score:56 | Feb 20th

In which Josh Tillman finds himself so far up his own ass that his alter ego is using his birthname as his alter ego.

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#3  eastside tilly
Score:59 | Feb 19th

Well this is a new low in Radiohead covers.

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Jonathan Nasrallah
Score:70 | Feb 19th

Is this from the new Twin Peaks? I haven’t watched it yet.

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#5  toastyjones
Score:-15 | Feb 21st

HA, spot on. Seriously, this shit is so masturbatory, as someone who makes a living working on a podcast by actually going out on interviews, editing cues together, and telling a real story over the course of thirty minutes rather than just rambling for over two hours and hoping something funny eventually happens, it’s a bit frustrating that these guys can just jerk each other off for two hours and expect a wide audience (not to mention appearances from music legends) simply on the basis of one of them having been on a moderately successful sitcom.

That said, where do I start in with Phish, cokeparty?

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#4  matheusphsp
Score:-15 | Feb 22nd

The only good thing about this movie was Sufjan music.

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#3  YBB.
Score:-17 | Feb 22nd

These two are living testaments to the value of miscegenation

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#2  dollface
Score:-20 | Feb 22nd

Also does anybody else find her need to make every little thing she does into a “statement” and “important” slightly irritating?

Like what happened to letting the music speak for itself? Prince never felt the need to do this.. and the reason I mention him is he’s one of the more obvious stylistic influences for her. Prince is to Janelle Monae what Madonna is to Lady Gaga.

To me she’s like the black Lady Gaga, it’s just rubs me the wrong the way how she’s making perfectly fine pop songs but dressing them up in all this supposed consciousness that just doesn’t seem to come through in the work at all.

Is this just me? The music itself just doesn’t seem to quite connect

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#1  Docsmith
Score:-28 | Feb 19th

Someone asked me why the Donald is building a wall today. I showed them this video.

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Philo Farnsworth
Score:4 | Feb 17th

Excellent article and analysis. There are some great details in here that I wasn’t aware of. One clarification on a comment that says “Beck cease-and-desisted this album out of existence”…. Actually, Illegal Art kept the CD available for years, and ignored all three cease and desist notices (from Beck’s publisher, label, and personal lawyer). Initially it was just available via the Illegal Art website, but once Negativland stepped in, they helped spread its distribution via their label (and the national distributor Mordam Records), beginning in August 1998 (if I remember correctly). It sold over several thousand physical copies, which was a lot for such a small experimental release. Illegal Art followed with 15 years of releases, and never once pulled a release due to legal pressure. I’d like to think that the label’s persistence (amongst others) helped with the attrition mentioned in the last paragraph.

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