Phoenix – “Fior Di Latte (A. G. Cook Remix)”

Phoenix have spent years developing a tasteful, precise, almost mathematical version of guitar-pop. Their sound is polished and focused and at least a little bit timeless. So it’s oddly thrilling to hear someone go into a Phoenix track and completely demolish it from the inside out, making it sound as giddy and trashy as possible.

As maybe the most visible member of the PC Music vandal crew, A. G. Cook loves to play around with the giddiest, most plastic extremes of pop music — the stuff that’s defiantly not timeless. Together, he and his cronies turn that music into glitched-out, experimental sugarscapes. And now he’s brought Phoenix into his universe.

A. G. Cook has just shared his remix of “Fior Di Latte,” one of the tracks from Phoenix’s 2017 album Ti Amo. He’s kept the song’s central melodic hook intact, but he’s transformed it through the use of bleepy Pixie Stix synths and robotic vocal processing, all these different elements pinging madly around the track. “Fior Di Latte” already went harder on synth sounds and studio effects than most Phoenix songs, but it was nowhere near this. A. G. Cook has taken the track and refashioned it into a glorious car wreck. Check out the remix below.

Ti Amo is out now on Glassnote.