Watch Nardwuar Interview Brockhampton

One of the weird pleasures of music fandom, in recent years, has been watching young rap stars who are first baffled and then deeply enthusiastic while speaking with veteran video-interview Nardwuar. Nardwuar does deep research into all his interview subjects, coming up with little factoids about each of them that even their closest friends might not have known, and bringing them random presents that turn out to have deep significance.

In his most recent interview, Nardwuar grills every member of the teeming rap collective — or, if you’re them, boy band — coming up with serious research tidbits about just about all of them. Brockhampton is one of the most exciting things to happen to rap music lately, and they all seem like nice kids. But when they get excited about Nardwuar’s gifts, they start to show some of the same chaotic energy that they have in their videos.

There’s also a fun moment where one Brockhampton member tells Nardwaur about the time, a few years ago, when the then-unknown members of Brockhampton met Nardwuar at SXSW. To them, he was a celebrity, and that’s one of the weird wrinkles behind Nardwuar interviews now. He’s not just some weirdo peppering young and famous people with questions. A Nardwuar interview is some kind of career landmark. Watch the Brockhampton interview below.

Brockhampton’s most recent album Saturation III is out now.