Oasis Attacked Onstage At Toronto Virgin Festival

I knew you guys were fired up about Noel’s slag on Radiohead, but whoa. This weekend Oasis played Toronto’s Virgin Fest, where a minute into “Morning Glory” a crowd member crashed the stage and checked the elder Gallagher in the back, knocking Noel clear off his feet. The irate blog commenter then bounded over to Liam, but security was there to shut him down. The band needed a little time (to wake up) after the attack, but reportedly they came out to complete the set ten minutes later. YouTube was on hand and files this report:

Take it to 1:30 for the bodyshot.

(Thanks for the tip, Chris)

Consider it the unofficial video for “Falling Down“? All said, attacking a band onstage is utterly fucked up, even if the band can’t stop attacking others. Retaliate like a normal human being, on the internet. Anyway, it looks like Liam could pick up a few tips at the Tweedy School of Hard Knocks.

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