Watch Donald Glover’s Charmingly Evasive Interview With Stephen Colbert

Donald Glover is the creator of Atlanta, easily the best new show that’s been on TV in the past few years. But ever since its first season ended, Glover has been playing either Childish Gambino, his musical alter-ego, or Lando Calrissian in the forthcoming Star Wars prequel Solo. So it is tremendously exciting that Atlanta will finally return to TV tonight. And it’s also cool that Glover, a fascinating public personality, is out there making the publicity rounds.

Earlier this week, Glover came off as deeply prickly in some truly interesting ways in a new New Yorker profile. After reading that, which you should absolutely do, it’s hard to imagine Glover playing the usual publicity game. Still, that’s what he did last night as a guest on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show.

Glover did an interesting job last night at making the late-night interview his own. He largely played along with Colbert, and he was really nice to the surprise guest, an Atlanta Girls Scout who went viral with a video where she used his song “Redbone” to sing Girl Scouts. But he also avoided giving straight answers wherever possible. In the most interesting part of the interview, he said that Atlanta is really Curb Your Enthusiasm for rappers because “being a rapper’s super awkward.” And he wore a beautiful pink sweater. Watch the interview below.

Season two of Atlanta begins tonight on FX.