Little Dragon – “Best Friends”

Last week, Little Dragon released a new song, “Sway Daisy,” which, alongside last fall’s Faith Evans-featuring “Peace Of Mind,” constituted the first material we’ve heard from the Gothenburg pop band since Season High. Today, the group has revealed that “Sway Daisy” is part of a 12″ that, naturally, features another new track.

That new track is called “Best Friends,” and it’s a wistful and nostalgic synth slide about a connection that dissipates with time. Yukimi Nagano recounts a childhood friend who she felt so close to and even kept in touch with after they moved — “When you moved away, we would write letters/ Sweden to Japan,” she sings — but as with most childhood friends, eventually they lost the thread. “Five years past, too bad our friendship did not last/ We’ll never be quite the same, no, never feel quite the same.” The song aches with a yearning to rediscover that confidant, with Nagano imagining that they’ll meet up one day. But the song ends ambiguously, that hope still a burning ember.

Listen below.

The “Best Friends” / “Sway Daisy” 12″ is available to pre-order.