The Hold Steady – “Eureka” & “Esther”

The Hold Steady – “Eureka” & “Esther”

Late last year, ahead of a residency at the Brooklyn Bowl, the borough’s legendary Midwestern-transplant rock ‘n’ rollers the Hold Steady released an incredible pair of new songs. “Entitlement Crew” and “A Snake In The Shower” lived up to the band’s best work, the former conjuring visions of the straight-ahead classic-rock glory of Boys And Girls In America, the latter tapping into Separation Sunday’s gnarly intensity.

This was such a swell idea that, ahead of a three-night run of shows in London this weekend — two at Electric Ballroom, one at the Lexington — the Hold Steady have shared another two new tracks, “Eureka” and “Esther.” Maybe I’m just hearing what I want to here, but once again I’m catching flashbacks to Boys And Girls from the A-side and flashing back to Separation Sunday on the B. And let me tell you, I ain’t mad about it.

In a note on Bandcamp, they explain that these songs were recorded at the same time as “Entitlement Crew” and “A Snake In The Shower” and that proceeds from purchases this week will benefit the family of the late “Jersey” Mike Van Jura, who headed up the Hold Steady fan group the Unified Scene before his death in 2012 at age 36. Here’s the full message:

Hey Everyone!

We’ve always loved playing in the UK, and we are extremely excited for the shows coming up in London on March 9/10/11. These will be such a blast.

To celebrate in advance, we thought we’d drop two more new Hold Steady songs directly to the fans. Check them out:

1. Eureka
2. Esther

These songs were recorded in Brooklyn in November at the same sessions as “Entitlement Crew” and “A Snake In The Shower”.
We are excited to share them with you.

These will be available for the fans here on Bandcamp for this week, and next week we will make them available via the major digital music providers.

If you choose to download these two songs, a donation will be made to benefit the K+L Guardian Foundation. ALL monies received from downloads will be transferred to the K+L Guardian Foundation.

The K+L Guardian Foundation was formed to benefit “Jersey” Mike Van Jura’s children after he suddenly passed away in November 2012 at only 36 years of age. Jersey Mike was the unofficial leader of The Unified Scene.

You can stream and download the tracks starting RIGHT NOW on our Bandcamp page!

Thanks for Listening!
Thanks for Understanding!

Stay Positive!

The Hold Steady

Check out both new tracks below.

In my ideal scenario, the Hold Steady keep releasing singles like this for the foreseeable future and eventually connect into another epic album, like puzzle pieces fitting together. So… what say you, Craig Finn?

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