Jessica Lea Mayfield – “Offa My Hands” Video

With last year’s Sorry Is Gone, Jessica Lea Mayfield delivered a phenomenal post-divorce kiss-off LP, its songs detailing a harrowing abusive marriage and the Ohio-born singer-songwriter’s resilient escape. Around the album’s release, Mayfield told us, “With everything I’ve been through, it feels like I’ve been taken away from myself and away from my body. I’ve been on the outside looking in, and it’s a long way to claw yourself back to being comfortable in your own skin.”

One song that explicitly addresses that concern is “Offa My Hands,” a jangly track infused with Byrds-style guitar and a distinctly Nashville sort of twang. The chorus is a motherfucker, especially in light of what Mayfield has shared about the abuse she’s suffered: “Gotta wash you offa my hands/ Gotta wash you off/ Every single DNA strand/ Gotta wash you offa my hands.”

A new video for the song dropped today. It was shot at the Salton Sea in the California desert, and it finds a strikingly styled Mayfield crawling out of a shorefront home and roaming the beach in what appears to be a gesture of personal cleansing. Philip Maxwell and Ruby June made the video, which you can watch below.

Sorry Is Gone is out now on ATO.