Stream Girls Rituals Im Desperate

Stream Girls Rituals Im Desperate

Girls Rituals is an experimental pop project based out of Toronto. She comes highly recommended by Katie Dey, who also recently covered one of their songs, and the music is sort of like the chaotic neutral version of Dey’s insular glitchy soundscapes, but that’s only if you’re trying to force a comparison between the two. Really, it’s a world all its own, one with immaculately messy blasts of noise and snapping elastic beats. Girls Rituals have a couple albums out there already — most notably last year’s EMERGENCY! and 2015’s Reddishness — and Im Desperate is her latest collection of tracks, which were recorded over the last couple months.

Im Desperate is filled with bone-rattling songs that are relentlessly catchy and fun, despite grappling with some shit that would tend to weigh you down. A lot of the songs are about what it’s like to be trans — some are joyously defiant in that (“We’re all living in a TransWorld/ You can’t do fucking shit about it,” goes the opening track), while others are concerned with simply existing: “I wanna live, but I wanna die/ As a real girl/ A real girl,” she sings on “I Could Use A Hug.”

There are bangers, like “No Problems” and “Quiet (Part 2),” and songs that wash over you and worm their way in subtly, like the gorgeously fractured “Girls Voice In A Rotting Mouth.” A lot of it is about feeling like an outsider in a more general sense, like on the hypnotic “‘What’s Wrong?'”: “Everybody wants to know your secret/ Everybody wants to know what’s wrong/ Everybody can tell you’re broken/ They know you don’t belong.”

It reminds me a lot of the under-appreciated UK band Teeth, who also combined noise and pop in similarly maniacally gleeful ways and, frankly, we need more music that sounds like that. Listen below.

Im Desperate is out now.

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