Watch Albert Hammond Jr. Sing “Set To Attack” On James Corden

Watch Albert Hammond Jr. Sing “Set To Attack” On James Corden

Seeing as how he’s a British person and all, it seems save to say that James Corden loves the Strokes. And Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. has shown up on Corden’s Late Late Show a few times in a solo-artist capacity. (The last time was two years ago, when he sang his solo track “Losing Touch.”)

Hammond is about to release his new solo album Francis Trouble. The early track “Set To Attack” is more distinctly Strokes-y than most of the things we’ve been hearing from the various Strokes’ solo projects. And now that Hammond is growing back his voluminously curly hair, he even looks more and more like our mental image of a Stroke. So if you’re pining for a full-on Strokes return, Hammond might be a little more up your alley than, say, the recent stuff that Julian Casablancas is doing with the Voidz.

Last night, Hammond sang “Set To Attack” on the Late Late Show. He looked good; he definitely gets his shirts tailored. It still feels weird to watch Hammond singing and not playing guitar. But unlike a lot of guitarists-turned-singers, he’s figured out how to use his hands in non-awkward ways. Watch last night’s performance below.

Francis Trouble is out 3/9 on Red Bull Records.

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