Gordi – “I’m Done” (Feat. S. Carey) Video

What, you think I’m not going to take another opportunity to alert you to Gordi’s brilliance? When the young Australian Artist To Watch delivered her debut Reservoir last year, it lived up to the promise suggested by her stunning early singles, which situated her in the lineage of Bon Iver’s vast future-folk landscapes yet illuminated a distinct, compelling voice and vision.

One song from the album, “I’m Done,” was a collaboration with S. Carey, a fitting duet partner given their shared relationship with Jagjaguwar and the aesthetic similarities between their music. (Dude is also literally a member of Bon Iver, with whom Gordi once guested as part of an all-star choir on The Tonight Show.) It’s a breakup ballad that begins with Gordi singing, “It feels good to say I’m done with you,” in the hushed, glassy quiver that characterizes her work.

“I’m Done” gets a video today in which Gordi and S. Carey co-star, acting out the song’s wistful remorse with some simple but effective visual gestures. Giulia McGauren directed the clip, which you can watch below.

Reservoir is out now on Jagjaguwar.