Jouska – “calico”

We just named Philadelphiia-via-Albany quartet Jouska a Band To Watch, and that decision was based at least partially on the considerable strength of their upcoming EP From Elson To Emmett. We’ve already heard “tummy/legs,” and now they’ve given us another glimpse. “calico” is another sterling example of their ability to merge the swirling, surging structures of post-rock with the emotionally-charged force of emo, and this is what frontman Doug Dulgarian had to say about the song in our recent interview with him:

“Calico” is interesting, that’s about a friend of mine and we would use together and he started kinda losing his mind. I was witnessing it happen, knowing that it could happen to me — the particular drug we were using, the user becomes very susceptible to that type of mental illness. And so it’s really weird, told from his point of view and my point of view as his friend and the personification of the mental illness itself talking to you, and that’s why a lot of it is nonsensical.


From Elson To Emmett is out 3/16 via Tiny Engines.

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