Stream Shamir Resolution

Stream Shamir Resolution

Shamir Bailey, who found disco-house stardom at a very young age, has now renounced his old sound completely and veered off in a very different direction. He’s now a prolific maker of thoughtful and sensitive bedroom-style indie rock, and he’s also an absolute workhorse, one who cranks out new music at a Gucci Mane pace. In the past year, Shamir has now released three full-length albums, as well as one EP. It’s frankly staggering.

After releasing his albums Hope and Revelations in 2017, Shamir has now come out with a new full-length called Resolution; it’s title makes me wonder if this is the third of a trilogy. This new album arrives as a complete surprise. We had already known that Shamir had a new 7″ EP called Room arriving today. We posted the video for “Room,” one of its two songs. That’s out now, but it shares its release date with this new full-length.

On first listen, Resolution is the most confident of Shamir’s three post-Ratchet albums. Opening track “I Can’t Breathe,” an empathetic and heartbroken account of a police killing, feels like a kick to the gut. And the rest of the album shows Shamir’s continuing maturation as an artist. His voice, a huge part of what made Ratchet so special in the first place, remains incredible, and his songwriting is getting stronger. Stream Resolution below.

And while you’re at it, stream that Room 7″:

You can buy Resolution at Bandcamp.

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